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Mastering the Digital Landscape: A Social Media Success Story

Bonnie Wayland Creative (BWC) recently partnered with TastyBite Cafe, a local vegan eatery, to boost their online social media presence and engage with their customers effectively.

We began by conducting in-depth research, analyzing social media and online presence analytics to identify their customer demographics. Surprisingly, although TastyBite Cafe initially targeted teenagers (15-18 years old), around 85% of their audience turned out to be in the 25-32 age range.

With this valuable insight, we crafted a focused social media strategy, primarily concentrating on Instagram and TikTok. Collaborating closely with TastyBite Cafe's founder, we understood their brand and requirements, resulting in a tailored plan that included:

Content Calendar: Consistency is key when it comes to engaging with any audience. We ensured that there was a regular flow of engaging content to keep their audience interested.

Audience Personas: Think of these as detailed profiles of their customers. We used them to align their content with their audience's preferences and needs, making it feel like they were speaking directly to them.

Content Graphics/Templates: We provided them with a range of graphics and templates that they can use for different occasions.

Platform-Specific Content Guidelines: Different social media platforms have different rules and preferences. We created guidelines to help them tailor their content to each platform, ensuring it fits perfectly.

Sample Instagram Ad

After completing our work with TastyBite Cafe, we conducted analytics and reporting three months post-project completion to measure our impact. Remarkably, their social media engagement surged from 0.6% to an impressive 2%, illustrating our ability to connect with their target audience effectively.

Sample Instagram Carousel

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